10 and a half things about quarantine, Vol. 4

Here, have a happy pumpkin.

1. I just wanted to take this time to check in on all of the people who view Halloween as a major, defining part of their personalities — this phenomenon is always fascinating to me during October before I completely forget about it for the next 11 months. Like, are you okay? How are you feeling about not being able to go to parties, or not being able to dress up in fetish gear?¹ Do you need to talk about it? This is a safe space.

2. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these! The emergent factors of trying to write full articles, going back to school, and actually being employed have been an issue. Hopefully, I’ll be able to chunk out some more content as we race towards the end of this god-awful year.²

3. I’ve been putting on some “old” movies in the background while I work recently for white noise and while that’s been effective at what I want it to do, it’s also reminded me that damn, Inception was actually a really good movie.

4. On the topic of new movies: Enola Holmes is a solidly enjoyable film on its own story-based merits — hell, it’s passable on its merits as a feminist film, too. But “stories about women told by men” — a category which Enola Holmes falls under— is a trend that has needed to not exist since it started existing.³

5. As Amazon may have tried to drill into your brain into the past three weeks, the Utopia reboot has arrived. Now that this one has proven mediocre, can we finally stop rebooting superior British television into average American television?

6. While we’re on the topic of Utopia: Cristobal Tapia de Veer’s soundtracks for the original British show are brilliant. They’re this bizarrely perfect mix of good sound design and arrangements that sound like they were made by a sentient Wurlitzer on edibles.

7. For those of you who have heard of Cyberpunk 2077 but don’t know why everyone’s in such a fuss about it being delayed again: imagine if Avengers: Infinity War was delayed three times over the course of seven months, with each delay announcement coming no more than two weeks before the expected release date. Oh, and also imagine you knew that Industrial Light & Magic⁴ had been regularly clocking 100-hour work weeks trying to finish the movie for the past year and a half after Kevin Feige personally guaranteed that they wouldn’t have to.

8. The fact that Microsoft bought $10 billion worth of game studios still hasn’t cemented itself as real in my mind yet. It’s like if The Coca-Cola Company bought Sprite — wait, they already did that. It’s like if Disney bought 20th Century — godDAMMIT.

9. Why is it that NickNews: Kids Pick the President looks like better programming than primetime news that’s made for adults? This isn’t intended to be some kind of shot at the news media (although it could be if you wanted it to) — I legitimately want to know why children’s television appears to be presenting more comprehensive coverage than Wolf Blitzer.

10. Please vote. I legitimately do not care who you vote for — just vote. The reason why the laws in America seem to be biased against younger people isn’t because of some kind of cabalist conspiracy — it’s because youth turnout is historically awful, and if you don’t vote for people before they get into office they won’t care about you after they get into office.

10.5. This is going to be longer than my average parting shot, but I don’t care. Despite the fact that coronavirus is getting bigger than ever, people seem to care less and less about it. STAY SAFE. Do all those things the CDC told you to do, or whatever the name of the health ministry is in your country. I swear we’ll all come out of this a little better off if you do.

¹ For those of you who object to this kind of characterization, I SEE YOUR INSTAGRAM POSTS. YOU CAN’T LIE TO ME.

² I cannot believe that we’re still in 2020.

³ Also, its spiritual successor: “stories about gay people told by straight people”.

⁴ Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) is Disney’s primary CG studio, and it’s widely thought to be one of the best in the industry — to the point that insiders suspect that Disney bought Star Wars in part because they’d also get ILM in the process.




I write, sometimes, when I’m not busy doing nothing at all.

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Micah Hsi

Micah Hsi

I write, sometimes, when I’m not busy doing nothing at all.

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